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Product Introduction

TONGHUI smart film is a new-tech glass that based on the PDLC technology. It’s working principle is power-on transparent, power off- opaque , and meanwhile has the function of explosion-proof, heat-insulation, sound-blocking, being as a projection screen etc.

As for the common glass installation, we recommend smart film , it’s easy and convenient to install on the glasses. Besides obtain the function of smart glass, do not need to re-install glasses.

TONGHUI Smart Glass : Sample

Applies double-layered laminated glass technology, the dimming film is sandwiched between two pieces of specific glasses .And press them together by high temperature and high pressure .Smart film is widely used in space partitions, windows and doors, curtain walls, projection and other fields.

TONGHUI Smart Film : Sample

Smart film has the dimming function that power on- transparent, power off-opaque. Aiming at the common glass, the smart film can be stuck on the surface of it. The installation process is simple and easy, avoiding the re-installation of your glasses.

TONGHUI Smart PDLC Film/Glass Technical Characteristics


  • Business Offices
  • Public Institution
  • Villa Home
  • Leisure
  • Projection
Business Office Applications Learn More>>
Hidden, open, completely different visual effects move freely, bringing a new experience for the modern smart office environment. Smart PDLC film/glass in terms of function, style, or visual, all reflect the charm of the extraordinary side.
Biomedicine accelerator
Beijing bloomer science and tec
AOC science and technology
Municipal Unit Project Case Learn More>>
With the development of intelligence, TONGHUI smart PDLC film/glass, is more and more applied to the government, schools, banks, hospitals and other fields. Diversified control methods, fog transparent switching. At the same time, smart PDLC film/glass both explosion-proof features, so that security is guaranteed.
Sunshine Garden
Longhu Yan Lan bathroom
Villas of Shan Nan Resort
Home Villa Project Case Learn More>>
Smart PDLC film/glass transparent and opaque two states of the switch, creating a different atmosphere for the space, used in homes, villas make life more colorful, as the reception adds a lot of mystery, even more atmosphere and fashion.
Jingan Shangri-La Hotel
Stage smart film project
The starlight age
Leisure And Entertainment Projects Case Learn More>>
Smart PDLC glass/film used in hotels, hotels, restaurants, clubs and other places, bringing more space for the venue visual effects, add more mystery.
Taizhou national power grid
Changzhou national power grid
Wen Tong Mansion
Projection Touch Project Case Learn More>>
Smart PDLC glass/film also has a projection function, with the use of high-definition solar machine, to show rich and delicate high-definition screen effects, combined with infrared touch technology, but also to achieve touch control.
China unionpay smart glass proj
Jing' an district education bur
Renmin University of China glas

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     Beijing TONGHUI Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in researching, developing , producing and selling smart film and smart glass. We commit ourselves to the field of global construction materials ,Home Automation , windows ,doors and glass,automotive and supporting theses fields with high quality smart films and smart glass. TONGHUI smart film is consist of imported high permeability liquid crystal film and high quality automotive float glass. Our Products have been guaranteed quality management ISO9001 and environmental management system ISO14001. Transmittance is up to 82% (average is 77% , domestic), hazy degree is less than 3.4%, ( average is 4.5%,domestic) . The power rating is less than 4W/sqm. All the parameters are superior than international level.